Join us this Sunday for
Worship at Mosaic Church

Mosaic exists as a church to see people from all generations and all ethnic backgrounds reconciled to God and to each other.  As we gather together to worship each week, we seek to reflect God’s mosaic of people joined together in lifting praise to Him.  In that pursuit, our worship includes elements from various time periods, styles, and cultures.


We include ancient creeds that have been recited by Christ followers for many centuries and remind us of key truths from Scripture.  We also incorporate songs from various musical and ethnic styles.  As we worship, we sing words and melodies that have just recently been written, alongside songs of the faith that have been sung for generations.  Some songs are slow and reflective, while others are vibrant and celebratory.  Variety is a key focus for the worship ministry of Mosaic.  Our goal is to allow each member of the congregation to express their own worship of God through songs that best resonate with them.  Toward that end, we are continually incorporating a greater variety of songs in worship.

Our worship leadership for Mosaic includes a team of individuals from various generational and ethnic backgrounds.  We hope to become even more diverse with our leadership as we grow, and we look forward to incorporating songs from other styles and even other languages as we have opportunity to do so.  Much of what we do as Mosaic Church is driven by Revelation 7:9-11 in which we get a picture of the worship of God in heaven.  There will be people from every tribe, tongue, and nation worshipping around God’s throne for all of eternity, and our desire is to reflect that diversity on a weekly basis as we gather for corporate worship.  Our desire is to see God worshipped and glorified by all people.

At Mosaic, we help people learn how to worship God through individual, family, and corporate worship. We worship God each day as individuals through our thoughts, words, and actions. It is also important that Christ followers worship God through daily Bible reading and prayer.